Harley-Davidson X440 Price and Features

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Classic Turtle Tank

Harley-Davidson X440 comes with an astonishing Classic Turtle Tank with the feature of storing large fuel.

Image Credits: HeroMotoCorp

Signature Sound

Harley-Davidson has never compromised in delivering its Signature Sound the beauty of  X440 is the Signature Sound.

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Confident Handling

Harley-Davidson X440 gives you more confidence while your hands are on the handle. With optimized geometry, the view of the road never drops.

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Stylish Detailing

Harley-Davidson X440 led lighting technology comes with class-leading and finishing. Turn On X440 lights at night roads to look more stylish with more bright.

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Motor Power - 440 CC

Harley-Davidson X440 motor is powered by a 440cc single cylinder that comes with an air-cooled engine along with an oil cooler.

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MRF Tyres

Harley-Davidson X440 rolls with a new MRF Zapper Hyke Tyres that has never been seen on any other motorcycle.

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₹2.29 Lakh ($ 2795)

Image Credits: HeroMotoCorp