Apex Legends Mobile Release date in India

The most popular online multiplayer battle royale Apex Legends Mobile had already been released in many countries. Gaming freaks in India who played the game Apex Legend PC version knows the fun and fantasies adopted in the game. The same concept is created by the developers Electronic Arts (EA) to the mobile version of the Apex Legends. The Beta version of the game is already released for the users to check the game and send the feedbacks or errors reports to the developers.

EA is facing problems with the beta version released two weeks ago. Players with the beta version face problems while playing the game. Sending reports/feedback to the developers. So Electronic Arts had decided to postpone the game launch and the rumors spreading all over the country in the gaming field and esports entertainment.

By now the developers of Apex Legends Mobile have decided to solve the problems and issues faced by the players. With several fixes and updates, they have decided to release the game by the End of May 2022 in India.

For now, Electronic Arts had released the pre-registration for Android users. Players can register their e-mail id to get the game after the final launch. Through PlayStore users can pre-register for the game.

Click the link to pre-register for the game – Apex Legends Mobile Pre-Registration

The beta version is available on some third-party websites. Users can download there and enjoy the game but some technical issues and bugs will be faced. So the developers recommend downloading the game after the final launch in the play store. There are no rumors or news about the launch of Apex Legends Mobile for IOS users. Developers had released the game in many countries for Apple users. in India, IOS users can expect the release on June/July 2022. Like Battlegrounds Mobile India the delay for the apple users is worth waiting.

So the competition between the battle royale games in India like BGMI, Call Of Duty Mobile, and now Apex Legends Mobile will be high and Esports events will be active through conducting tournaments and the sum of prize money. So esports players can focus on their game to achieve their goal in events and tournaments.

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