PUBG Mobile and BGMI Regional Ranking – New Titles, Friends Ranking, etc.

PUBG Mobile and BGMI Regional Ranking is the new ranking format by which players can connect with their neighboring city players and also can chat with them and play matches. Through this Regional Ranking, players can fight for the titles like #No1 Squad Wins, and #No30 Duo Wins these titles will be displayed with their respective regions. For example, If you select your region as Bangalore: your title will be like Bangalore #No100 Squad Wins. Players can interact with the regional players, those players will be shown on the friend’s list and they can give requests to them and can play with them.

Regional Ranking Catagories:

Regional Ranking Catagories

There are 12 different Regional Ranking Categories that are separated from different regions and multiple servers. Players should compulsorily play ranked classic matches, and through that, the players should be (in tier Diamond 5 or above). For every season refresh, the ranking stats will be refreshed and players will again get the chance to gain the tiles they desired. The Regional Ranking Catagories are mentioned below:

  • Solo Wins – Total Solo Matches Won
  • Duo Wins – Total Duo Matches Won
  • Squad Wins – Total Squad Matches Won
  • Terminator – Final eliminatons
  • Gunslinger – Total number of eliminations
  • Heads Up – Total headshot eliminations
  • Berserker – Total damage dealt
  • Grenadier – Total grenade kills
  • Scavenger – Total air drop picked up
  • Close Encounter – Killing players within 10 Meters
  • Middle Man – Killing players between 10 to 150 Meters
  • Long Shot – Killing players for more than 150 Meters

Managing Ranking Titles:

All the titles are divided into States and Regions. You can change the region every 30 days. The rank title is refreshed every 7 days starting from Monday to Saturday. Players should be in between the Top 1 to 100, they should achieve their titles by playing ranked classic matches. Players can also check their friend’s ranks and compare them with your rank. For searching the new players you can give requests to them in the friends’ list with the region category.

By winning the solo, duo, and squad matches players can check their rank by winning the matches with a minimum of 3 and a maximum null. In squad matches, the whole squad members can get the titles when they are winning there classic matches with each other in the same row. To get the title players should be in the Top 100 or above. The Ranked results will be updated once every hour. Through the profile page, you can equip the title and the title will be displayed in the sidebar with your In-game name.

Important Note: Players playing with guest accounts are not eligible for the Regional Ranking Stats. Users should log in with their social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and enjoy their ranking competition.

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