Why is Google Keep better than Apple and Samsung Notes? Apple Notes vs Google Keep vs Samsung Notes

Google Keep is always better than Apple and Samsung Notes. Let us find the pros and cons between Apple Notes vs Google Keep vs Samsung Notes.

In 2024 as we all know people are more preferred to digital writing as compared to paper writing. There are many advantages to choosing digital, unlike the traditional one where if you write something important on paper and make a note it is probably there are more chances of you losing the physical item. But the same if you write digitally and save the notes it has very less chance of losing.

One of the main advantages of using digital notes is that if you have typed and saved them once you can get multiple copies of your notes and also you can share them with anyone easily also if you wish you can get paper copies whenever you want. If you see on paper notes which are usually limited, once you finished writing notes in a single book or pad then again you need to change or continue with a new notebook however in digital you can edit and you can write unlimited words without an end. This is why people prefer digital notes rather than physical notes.

However, when it comes to digital notes there are many platforms to choose and if you are one who prefers to type and save a note on mobile devices then there are 3 big platforms called Google Keep, Apple Notes & Samsung Notes which work according to your device’s operating system.

Google Keep, Apple Notes & Samsung Notes are the ones that are completely free to use and these 3 notes are the most popular ones however people get confused between these 3 notes as to which one is best to use. If you are the who is really confused about which notes app will be best for you then all we suggest is Google Keep.

If you have used Apple Notes and Samsung Notes and if you have never used Google Keep then you really want to give it a try. Once you get to know the benefits of Google Keep you will never switch from Keep to any other Notes.

In fact, earlier I was using Samsung Notes and then I switched to Apple Notes and then finally I switched to Google Keep, and after I switched to Keep after seeing its features and benefits am just impressed with it. After using Google Keep I never felt to switch back to any other notes app such as Apple & Samsung Notes. Google Keep is an amazing Notes app for all device (Android, iOS, Windows, MAC) users.

If you are still confused about which notes app is best to use – In today’s blog, we are going to discuss why Google Keep is best and better than Apple and Samsung Notes and what are the features & benefits of Google Keep and also the comparison between Apple Notes vs Google Keep vs Samsung Notes.

Apple Notes vs Google Keep vs Samsung Notes:

Google KeepApple NotesSamsung Notes
Free to Use
Support Android
Support iOS
Support Windows
Support MAC
Web Support
Chrome Extension
Easy to Use
User Friendly
Pin Notes on Top
Save to Google Drive
Password Protected Notes
Import to Google Docs
High Storage Space
Highlight Notes with labels
Easy Search

In the above deep table comparison, you can have a look at where Google Keep has better ticks and passed compared to Apple and Samsung Notes. Google Keep has many useful features that even Samsung and Apple Notes don’t have.

10 Reasons Why is Google Keep always better than Apple and Samsung Notes (Google Keep Features & Benefits):

1. Supports all Device Platform

One of the main important reasons why Google Keep is better is because it supports all device platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, and MAC.

If you see Apple Notes which is very limited where it supports only their parent device such as iOS & MAC and it is impossible to use Apple Notes on Android and Windows using the specific app but you can get access to the web version which is not suggested and is not more user-friendly.

And the other side Samsung Notes supports only Android devices and specifically only Samsung devices. Even though Samsung Notes supports Android it is limited even in Android where apart from Samsung Mobile devices it won’t support any other Android device models and even the web version is poor to use.

However, If you see Google Keep which supports completely all Android Devices and also supports iOS devices where Google Keep has a specific app that is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. When it comes to Windows and MAC, Google Keep supports only the web version and it is very user-friendly and super easy to use especially on Google Chrome Browser. Using the shortcuts on Chrome it is very easy to navigate Google Keep on Windows and MAC main screen.

Unlike Samsung and Apple Notes one of the main reasons why I love Google Keep is that we can easily access our notes on all our devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC.

2. Easy Sharing & Collaboration

The second reason why Google Keep is better is that it is easy to share notes with people and easy to collaborate with a team.

Do you wanna share your notes with someone then you can easily share your notes with anyone you wish you can share them easily using Gmail, WhatsApp, and others where when you want to send your notes to someone quickly on WhatsApp then you can send them by clicking the share button and easily the notes will get copied to whatsApp and sent. However, if you want to send notes secretly to someone then you can even invite them to Keep to view your notes.

The more amazing feature that Google Keep has is collaboration and no Apple or Samsung Notes has this feature. Using Google Keep you can easily add a collaborator which is nothing but your team or a single person and where you can give those people access to edit and write your notes which is really a useful feature. This feature is really helpful for corporates who want to collaborate on the notes with a team.

No matter how many people, using the collaborator option you can share and invite any number of people you want on Keep for free of cost.

3. Reminders/Remind Me

The third reason why Google Keep is better is that it has a special feature where you get an option to enable Remind Me under notes.

This feature is really loved by many users who really want to get reminders on their specific notes. If you are the one who wanted to write a note and if you wanted to get reminded then easily you can enable it under notes where you get an option called Remind me if you click on that option then you can easily set a date and time when you wanted to get a reminder alert.

This feature will really be helpful for users who want to complete some task on some specific date and time. You can enable reminders on every note that you have saved on keep and also you can even easily disable it, however, to check out which notes you have enabled remind me option then you can easily navigate by clicking Reminders on the menu.

If you want to get reminded easily of your hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly tasks and no matter which time and date you can easily activate this feature by creating notes using Google Keep. Remember this ‘Remin Me’ feature is available only on Google Keep, this feature is nowhere available on Apple and Samsung Notes.

4. Deep Search

The fourth reason why Google Keep is better is that it has a better search feature option compared to Apple and Samsung Notes.

If you see on Apple and Samsung Notes all you have is the normal search option where you need to type the title of the notes you have saved to search for your notes but however if you forget the title of what you have given to your note then it becomes difficult to search your specific note especially if you have saved a large number of notes.

But however, if you see on Google Keep has a special search feature option called Deep Search which is nothing but you don’t have to remember the title of the note you can easily search by using types called labels, colors, lists URLs, images, drawings or even if you have not tagged to any of these types and if you don’t remember anything also then even you can just search using some random words that are included inside your notes which makes super easy to find out quickly.

If you are one who saves a lot of notes every single day and finds difficulty in finding your notes then you need to switch to Google Keep however this amazing deep search feature is available only on Google Keep.

5. Copy Notes to Google Docs

The fifth reason why Google Keep is better is that it is super easy to copy your notes to Google Docs with one single click.

This feature is really helpful for people who work on Google Docs every day or if you want to move your notes to Google Docs to make some professional edits then it will be more useful.

If you have saved longer notes on Apple or Samsung Notes and if you wish to import or copy them to Google Docs then it becomes very difficult however, sometimes there is a lot of chance to lose your notes while migrating it which simply you might lose your long efforts and hard work. But if you are using Google Keep you can migrate or copy your notes easily by selecting the notes which you want to copy and then by clicking the option called ‘Copy to Google Docs’.

The more interesting part or benefit of Google Keep is you don’t need to open Google Docs at all to copy the notes, once you click on the option called copy to Google Docs and then automatically you will see those notes under Google Docs on a separate page.

If you want to take advantage of this quickly copying notes to Google Docs feature then all you need to do is start using Google Keep. Remember ‘Copy to Google Docs’ feature is not available in Apple and Samsung Notes.

6. Pin your Important Notes

The sixth reason why Google Keep is better is because you can easily display or pin your important notes which you use regularly on the top of your Keep main screen or homepage.

I really love this feature called ‘Pin Note’ on Google Keep. Whenever I open Google Keep I don’t need to search for my regular notes which usually I open every time because once you have pinned the important notes on top which you open regularly then whenever you open the Google Keep you will find your important notes right in the front top of you which saves a lot of time.

To pin your note on Keep all you have to do is just go select the notes which you want to pin and click on the option in the menu called ‘Pin Note’ or just click the pin icon available on the right side top of your note.

This Pin Note feature is available only on Google Keep however, Apple & Samsung Notes don’t have this feature if you love this feature then you need to switch to Google Keep.

7. Easy Save to Google Keep

The seventh reason why Google Keep is better is that Google Keep comes with a browser extension that provides a great feature called ‘Save to Keep’.

Are you the one who regularly keeps browsing the internet or on Google and do you visit a lot of sites on Google and read blogs every day? If so then obviously you will love to save some important words, images, or links, if you have installed the Google Keep extension on your browser then you can save your important stuff to Keep in one click.

Whenever you visit any important site on Google to read the blog and if you love to save the link of the site then Just click the Google Keep extension icon on your browser and automatically it will get saved to Google Keep you don’t even want to open your Keep.

Whenever I visit any site on Google to find some information and on that particular site if I find anything important or useful such as images, text, or links then I will just select it and save those selections to Google Keep instantly. This ‘Save to Keep’ feature is really helpful for many people, especially professionals, students, and researchers who keep browsing every time to find useful information on Google.

This great amazing useful ‘Save to Keep’ feature that works through browser extension is available only on Google Keep. The Samsung and Apple Notes don’t even have this great useful feature. However, by providing this advanced useful feature Google Keep proves it is better than Apple and Samsung Notes.

8. Extreme Storage Space

The eighth reason why Google Keep is better is that you can save an unlimited number of notes and you will get more storage space better than Apple & Samsung Notes.

If you are the one who saves a lot of notes every day then most probably less storage space will never be enough for you however you need high storage space to save a large number of notes. You know Google Keep provides you with 15 GB of storage space which is more than enough to save an unlimited number of notes.

But whereas if you see Apple Notes provides you just 5 GB of storage space which is less compared to Google Keep and however if you see Samsung Notes provides you limited storage which is unknown and it forces you to backup your notes to OneDrive which even has less storage as 5 GB and quite complicated to proceed.

One of the good reasons why you need to prefer using Google Keep over Apple Notes and Samsung Notes is because you can avail the benefit of big storage space for saving a large number of notes on Google Keep.

9. Labels & Colours

The ninth reason why Google Keep is better is that it has the option to choose Labels and Colors for your Notes to look more elegant and easy to navigate.

If you love customizing the look of your notes then Google Keep allows you to do it. In Google Keep, you have the option to change the background color of your Notes and also you can get an option to add any image you want as a background image which really helps to make your every note more unique & stylish.

Just customizing the background look is not the end with Google Keep there is even one more great feature option called Labels. This label option almost works as a folder but quite unique and different which helps your every note to add a label however you can choose the different labels by creating your own names and then tag your notes with some particular label name. By doing this you can navigate easily to all the notes that come under that specific label name.

These labels and color customization options is not available on Apple and Samsung Notes if you want to add labels and customize your notes more stylishly then you need to use Google Keep.

10. Add Drawings

The tenth and final reason why Google Keep is better is because it allows you to create and add your own drawings inside the Keep.

In Google Keep, you have an option where you can create your own drawings which means you can draw anything from your hand whether text or sketch and then you can easily save those drawings inside the Keep. You can even add these drawings between the text of notes.

The Add Drawings option is available even in Samsung Notes but however, but it is not as great as Google Keep and if you see on Apple Notes they don’t even have an Add Drawings feature.

If you love creating your own drawings on mobile and desktop to make your notes briefer to read and understand then Google Keep is the only way to experience them.

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