Why Steam Store is better than Xbox Store? Steam vs Xbox Game Pass

We all know that when we try purchasing games for PC there are a lot of options, especially the online gaming platforms specifically built for purchasing only games and for installations, and also even there are a lot more options to build a social community with your friends.

But however, in 2022 the online game platform is increasing day by day and the users are getting confused about choosing which is the best platform to purchase games online. When it comes to purchasing games especially for PC most commonly we have seen apart from the big platform the developers usually sell their games on their own websites such as Rockstar Games where they sell all the games developed by Rockstar on their own store eventually even that can be purchased outside too.

In today’s blog, we are going to reveal to you some most interesting secrets about gaming platforms, and also we are going to discuss the world’s two best gaming online store platforms, and end of the day you are going to choose the best one between Steam & Xbox.

Before getting discussed the two platform comparisons, if you are a newbie or beginner for a PC gaming platform first let us know the basics about Steam & Xbox.

Both Steam and Xbox have a unique games store within their platform where you can easily purchase any of your favorite games all in one tap and you can start installing and playing. But however when we start making the comparison of both still we can find one or more extra features & options better than one Xbox.

If you are already using Xbox then undoubtedly this blog is for you. By reading this complete blog at the end of this you will understand why Steam is better than Xbox and also when you compare Steam to Xbox the Steam platform has many more ultimate features that are lacking on Xbox.

Steam vs Xbox/GamePass Comparison:

SteamXbox/Game Pass
Good & Friendly User Interface
Multiple Payment Options
One Time Game Purchase
Social Community
Popular PC Games
Remote Play
macOS Support
Virtual Reality Hardware/VR Support
PC GamePad
Earn Points (Points Shop)
Community Discussions
Large Game Collections
Friends & Chat
Gift Cards
SteamOS/Linux Support

Here are the 5 Reasons why Steam Store is better than Xbox Store:

1. Large Collection of Games

Steam has a large collection of games when compared to Xbox that includes all the categories and also when you compare Steam to Xbox the world’s most popular games are available only on Steam and whereas Xbox is limited with only fewer games.

The most famous games such as GTA 5, Half-Life, Red Dead Redemption 2, and still many more World’s top games are not at all available on Xbox PC. The most disappointing feature of Xbox is the store collections are very much limited and also compared to Steam the prices are big higher on Xbox for every single Game product.

We all know that when we try purchasing PC games the first priority we always give for the high rated popular games so when we don’t find that games not available on the store which really disappoints us a lot so in that case, the Xbox always does and whereas the steam is really appreciable for its large collections of Games.

Steam really has an unlimited number of game products collections when you just start browsing the Steam store you really fall in love with it, where apart from its super collections every product which you open on the store page just gives clear instructions about the game and it’s requirements and also for some products you can see it is offering a free trial to play.

2. New Releases & Early Access

This is one of the best features that you can always experience only on Steam. If you are the one who always loves to experience the new games before their official release then Steam is the only platform for it.

On Steam regularly you can find new games getting released officially unlike Xbox where the game developers or publishers always love to publish their first release of PC games only on Steam because compared to all other gaming platforms steam has the biggest community people.

Not only just the new releases even before the game officially gets released to market you can always get its early access which is one of the most amazing features loved by Steam fans. If you are always excited to test or experience any new game before the developer makes an official release then you can always go to Steam and checkout for the Early access option to try out your favorite game.

3. Future of VR is Ready for Steam

Undoubtedly by bringing this feature on Steam it has proved how popular and advanced the Steam Gaming platform is, VR (Virtual Reality) is one of the most advanced future technology that supports Steam which means you can understand Steam’s popularity.

If you go to Steam and its categories and if you select the VR titles you can check out how big game collections will display only for VR which just makes amazing & surprise for the game lovers. This is one of the main reasons why Steam is still popular. If you check out the other gaming platform such as Xbox you don’t even find anything getting implemented or giving support for VR.

If you don’t know what is VR – VR is a Virtual Reality where you can play games just as real as moving your hands, walking, and making other movements physically by wearing the VR headset connected with VR hardware through Steam. When you Play VR games you will experience playing games in the real world.

Steam always just focuses on implementing future advanced gaming technology as early as possible. Thank you for the VR support.

One of my favorite games to play on VR is Half-Life Alyx.

4. Large Social Community Forums & Discussions

If you are a newbie or beginner while playing PC games then definitely you will get stuck on many doubts such as:

  • How to Install a Game on my PC?
  • How to Play or Control a Game?
  • How to complete a mission of the Game?
  • How to optimize or change the settings of the Game?

The above doubts are limited and based on the player’s behavior one can get many doubts from beginning to end. While playing any new games on PC no matter how professional one could be in playing Gaming in one or other situations he/she might get stuck or look for a solution to solve.

To Solve many players, doubts & queries Steam has already bought a Social Community feature where one can make friends easily and you chat with your friends when they’re online & even in the group.

The Steam community is not just limited to interacting with friends. It also has a Forum & Discussions where one can easily discuss his queries or doubts with a large number of players all around the world and also you can post a new query to get a reply from the audience. And also you can look up the solutions for your favorite game that are already posted by a group of players from their discussions.

5. Lifetime Purchases

I really love to give my full appreciation for giving this wonderful feature or offer from Steam. Unlike Xbox/Game Pass where to play games, you need to activate the subscription monthly where whether you play a game regularly or not you need to pay fixed monthly charges which are really disappointing for limited gamers or players.

But whereas in Steam you have never tied up with any contract just purchase one of your favorite games once and you can play that game for a lifetime on any device by signing in to your Steam ID without paying any monthly bill or any additional charges.

The most amazing part of Steam is they just don’t offer you to purchase games only for a lifetime they even offer you something as a bonus where while you purchase a game they give you amazing discounts & offers that instantly reduces your final pay and also after the purchase you will get some points which are added to your steam account to use it on Points shop to purchase additional products.

FAQ of Steam vs Xbox Game Pass:

What is the difference between Xbox and Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox and Game Pass both are the same whereas Game Pass is an additional feature that includes inside the Xbox to provide various subscription offers for different OS platforms.

Which is the best – PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate?

Both have different features and different pricing. If you love to play games only on PC then PC Game Pass is recommended whereas if you choose Game Pass Ultimate it supports playing games on PC, Console, and Mobile devices simultaneously in one package. However, Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions charges will be a bit higher than PC Game Pass.

Can I use both Steam and Xbox on my PC?

Yes, you can use both the gaming platforms on your PC but however, it is recommended to use any of one gaming platform for playing your PC games.

Does Steam support the Xbox GamePad?

Yes, Steam supports any of the GamePad or controllers you can easily control your game either with keyboard or mouse or additionally GamePad.

Can I use Steam on Xbox Console?

No, currently Xbox is not supported to play Steam games on Xbox console.

Can I use Steam on Sony Playstation?

Yes, you can use Steam on Play Station just connect your Steam account on Your Ps4 or Ps5 and then start playing your Steam games on your Playstation.

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