How to free up space on Android for Gaming

When it comes to installing games on your smartphone especially for the bigger games you need more space or storage on your device. If you love playing different games on your smartphone especially a new game released on market and if you would like to make a bigger games collection on your phone then having enough storage is the only solution.

In today’s generation, we don’t use our smartphones only for a single task, we use our phone devices for multiple purposes such as calling, texting, shooting pictures & videos, entertainment, and even for gaming. When we use our smartphone for these many multiple uses then definitely our phone’s storage increases day by day.

When you use your phone for multiple purposes but still if you love installing & playing games. Then there are the amazing tips and tricks to install the game applications without getting compromised for making down your other tasks.

10 tips on How to free up space on Android:

1. Delete unnecessary media files

The first reason for getting your storage to increase is a lot of media files. Sometimes even though you have not at all installed many applications, still you will see storage is full on your device as a regular notification. The reason for this is media files that are consuming a lot of storage on your device. So deleting unnecessary media files definitely helps free up space on your phone.

2. Delete Duplicate media files

Sometimes even if you have kept an average or fewer media files on your phone still you will notice as the file size is big or getting storage full. The main reason for these problems is in your phone you might see many duplicate files whereas the same media such as image or video will be found as duplicate. This kind of duplicate media files sometimes will be found on your phone without knowing you, so deleting the duplicate files boosts your storage from getting full.

3. Migrate your media files to Cloud

On your phone definitely, you will be having a lot of media files stored on your gallery. If you are using Android then definitely there’s a big advantage for you to backup all your media files on Google Photos which is absolutely free to upload & use anytime. Once you have backed up all your media files then you can delete the files from your gallery which makes you free up big storage on your phone.

4. Uninstall preinstalled Android Apps

When you purchase a new smartphone definitely you would have been noticed many Android Apps that come as preinstalled on your device. In those preinstalled apps some apps will be useful to you but the majority will be just a promotion that is not really useful or you won’t even use it regularly. So removing those preinstalled apps helps you in many ways to save your storage.

5. Remove old or unused Android Applications

Due to today’s high promotion & marketing on digital once if we open our Google Play Store we will find millions of new Apps & games which we sometimes install some new applications to know how it functions. But however, if we don’t like new apps sometimes we fail to uninstall them. In this way, many Android Apps remains installed on our phone. Removing these unused Android Apps will be the greatest advantage in saving internal storage.

6. Delete Cache & Junk files

Just deleting media files or uninstalling some android applications not only helps you in saving storage space. Even deleting the cache & junk files too helps in saving enough space. The cache & junk files are the temporary files that will be created automatically on your Android device. To delete these Junk files you can use the application Files by Google.

7. Use SD Card to Transfer files

In the market, there are many Smartphones brand that gives an option to insert a dedicated external micro sd card that gives additional storage for your phone. If your phone has the option to insert an SD card then you can easily transfer all your media files from internal storage to external storage. Not only media files even you can just move your apps or application game files easily to your SD card.

8. Avoid app built-in offline downloads

Offline Downloads are one of the main reasons why your storage gets full without your knowledge. Nowadays many OTT platforms are bringing streaming options in many ways especially for smartphones where you can easily watch the latest movies or any other content even offline by downloading. This kind of download will never save in your Gallery or your device it will save within the app that unnecessarily increases your App size as well as storage, avoiding this kind of offline download gives great benefit.

9. Change the default storage

If your phone has the option to insert an SD card then change your default storage in some apps like a camera from internal to external. So that whenever you click any pictures or record videos automatically it gets saved to the SD card.

10. Clear your trash or bin storage

Deleting files in your smartphone is very common however sometimes when you are deleting big-size files make sure it has been deleted even in recycle bin. If you are not sure whether the files are deleted completely or not then just go to recycle bin and clear the files or delete permanently that is moved while you deleted.

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