PUBG Mobile M9 Royale Pass details: Warframe Theme, BGMI M9 RP details

PUBG Mobile M9 Royale Pass comes with an expectation that all the game addicts buy the Royale Pass every month. This time developers and designers had made justice to the unknown cash(UC) which we use to purchase the royale pass. With the collaboration with Warframe. Warframe is a PC game that has a high powerful roughed outfit that looks like an alien war robot. The theme looks like the players are playing the PC game on the handset.

Some detailed information about the M9 Royale Pass:

This month PUBG Mobile M9 Elite Royale Pass comes at the same price of 360uc. Players will already have the 60uc reduction voucher, using the voucher the price of the RP will be 300uc. PUBG Mobile M9 Elite Royale Pass Plus comes at the same price as 960uc. Same as the previous Royale Pass. With detailed Firearm skins, Outfits, and Rewards, designers of Royale Pass had struggled a lot to fulfill the expectations of the users and they have a thought to never disappoint the players or users.

From RP1 to RP50 the Outfits, Gun Skins, and Rewards are mentioned below:

BGMI M9 RP details, RP1:

BGMI M9 RP details RP1

Starting with RP1 in Normal RP users will get just a supply scrap 5x, but for the Elite RP and Plus, users get the vibrant attractive Legendary Fluorescent Flash Set with the white blue yellow finish outfit and Legendary Ancient Heirloom PP-19 Bizon gun skin.

BGMI M9 RP details, RP10:

BGMI M9 RP details RP10

At RP10 in Normal RP, users get 500BP coins, but Elite users can get helmet skin named Legendary Atlantic Tech Helmet with rich white color.

BGMI M9 RP details, RP15:

BGMI M9 RP details RP15

In RP15 they provide a free emote called Archery Dance for the normal RP users, for Elite users, they get legendary grenade skin called Atlantic Tech Grenade and they get M9 RP Avatar.

BGMI M9 RP details, RP30:

BGMI M9 RP details RP30

At level RP30 Elite users can obtain the dazzling finish of plane skin named legendary Atlantic Tech Finish Plane, with rich White and Sky Blue color.

BGMI M9 RP details, RP35:

BGMI M9 RP details RP35

At a free RP level at 35, every user will get the epic QBZ gun skin called Amethyst, which comes with dark pink and dark blue colors.

BGMI M9 RP details, RP 40:

BGMI M9 RP details RP40

The most awaited weapon skin comes at M9 RP40, with a roughed look of Kar98 as a legendary item named Primeval Relic finish. Sniper users will definitely love the color and texture of the gun skin while playing.

BGMI M9 RP details, RP50:

BGMI M9 RP details RP50

At the end of the M9, Royale Pass 50 users get a Mythic outfit named Wukong Prime Set. Wukong prime is a character played in the Warframe Video Game, this is the best RP mythic outfit till now in my opinion. My suggestion is users can buy RP this month because the items in the list are worthy.

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