PUBG Mobile 4th Anniversary Event, PUBG 1.9.0 Update, Rewards, Release Date

PUBG Mobile 4th anniversary with all the expectations players across the world are more excited to celebrate their lovable battle royal game. As well as users also waiting for new updates, rewards, new challenges, mods, new items, collections, and much more. The growth of the game with unexpected updates, events gained more fan base, and players are addicted to that. So PUBG Mobile became one of the best multiplayer battle royal in the world later many games like Fortnite, Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile got released and did not gain much popularity like PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile entering the successful 4th year and by understanding the player’s expectations Krafton is ready to release the update of the 4th-anniversary edition with 1.9.0 on 18th March 2022. Players and users are more excited to get the update and their expectations like anniversary rewards, outfits, free UC, in-game items, new modes, challenges, etc.

here are some exciting Map Mods, Events, New Items, etc.

By challenging in battle royal many rewards will be gained by the players on the map. usually, it may be battle coins, exchange coins, or whatever. Players can use that coins to get some anniversary rewards like outfits, gun skins, BP coins, AG coins, Silver Fragments, etc.

PUBG Mobile will never disappoint their user with new map mods. On PUBG Mobile’s 3rd anniversary celebration they released the Dancing Hall Theme, by these players celebrated their 3rd anniversary with fun and some funny battle. Now in the 4th Anniversary developers are getting up through very creative ideas and to reach the audience’s expectations they created in-map mods like Vibrant Anniversary Theme.

Vibrant Anniversary Theme – Explained

On a couple of previous updates in PUBG Mobile, they introduced floating temple mod it was the best update till now said by many players in Esport and it was the very most realistic update done by With the Vibrant Anniversary, theme players first enter the floating map and by defeating the enemies the headgear of defeated enemies will get large and they start floating on the floating map. By defeating enemies in a floating map with a certain time limit by that time they can collect some loot rewards after the limited time expires the floating map will disappear and players will get back to the battlefield.

Now players can enjoy their battle with collected rewards on a floating map. They can exchange the rewards buy guns, armors, meds, grenades, etc. They can also enjoy the ground map theme-like events and it will be the hotspot for enemies to gather there and to fight and get fun.

PUBG Mobile 1.9.0 Update – Details (PUBG MOBILE 4th Anniversary Event)

PUBG MOBILE 1.9.0 Update Details

In previous updates, PUBG introduced the recall event and many players got the advantage of increasing the K/D ratio though that they got some popularity in friends circle. With the 1.9.0 update, Pubg Mobile improved some in-game facilities, bug fixes, firearms, and some improvements.

Classic Mode Improvements – Details below

Mechanic Improvements :

Playzone Countdown Reminder.

Viewpoint Adjustments.

Quick Voice Wheel and much more.

Control Improvements :

Underwater Firearms Pick-Up.

Swap Firearm Attachments.

Climbing and much more.

Major Update :

New Bridge in Erangel Map.

Recall Mechanic :

In Unranked Erangel and Vibrant Anniversary Mode.

Supply Shop :

Can Purchase items like Firearms, Meds, Scopes, Grenades, etc.

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