Vi Gaming App: Vodafone Idea had started the Gaming Service with Subscription Packs

Vodafone Idea had started the gaming service with their Vi Gaming App. This subscription service offers more than 1500 android and HTML5 based games to the gaming freak with various types of gaming categories.

Vodafone Idea a telecom operator which is providing telecom service throughout India is now started to provide service in the gaming field through their Vi gaming App. Through this game lovers and gamers can enjoy their games at a low cost of the price using subscription packs.

Vi Gaming App provides various genres of game, that includes Arcade, Action, Adventure, Racing, RPG, Casual, Education, Puzzle, Sports, Strategy, Simulation, etc. Other gaming services like Xbox, etc. has the same method of providing games to play for users. They provide monthly, Yearly packs, and users can purchase that and enjoy all the paid and free apps and games for free no extra charges. If there is in-game purchase users should purchase that separately.

Vi Gaming App Subscription Pack: Details

It is divided into 3 categories:

  • Free-to-Play
  • Gold Pass
  • Platinum Pass

Free-to-Play: In the Vi gaming app some free games are mentioned and they will be free to play there will be no charges and if there are any in-game packs players can purchase that and use it, if it is useful for the game. Otherwise, it is unnecessary to spend money on free games.

Gold Pass: Users can purchase this pack and get access to at least 30 games titles with the cost of Rs 56 for Prepaid users and Rs 50 for Postpaid users. The Game Pass is validated for the 30 Days with the purchase of Rs 56 and Rs 50. For Postpaid users with 499 plans, they will get 5 free games with Game Pass and it will be valid till the pack expiry date.

Platinum Pass: This pack is used for the users only if they pay individually for every game, by the method of Pay Per Download, with the cost of Rs 26 for Prepaid users and Rs 25 for Postpaid users.

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