Finally A treat to GTA fans: GTA 6 coming in 2025

The wait is over. The most anticipated GTA 6 game gets an official update from Rockstar Games. And this time the update is massive finally Rockstar has released the official GTA 6 trailer.

A few days ago on December 1, the Rockstar Games tweeted an official update on Twitter where they published a banner revealing the first trailer of GTA 6 will be out on Dec 5. And however, as promised Rockstar Games has released the first GTA 6 trailer on YouTube.

The Rockstar Games not only just released the trailer at the end of the trailer Rockstar has also revealed when GTA 6 will be released and the GTA 6 game will be officially released in the year 2025, this is what even we guessed earlier (when does GTA 6 will come out). The Rockstar has just revealed the GTA is coming out in 2025 but has not revealed the accurate GTA 6 release date.

To experience the new GTA 6 on your PC or Playstation GTA fans must wait more than 1 year. At the beginning of 2025, we can’t expect the game to be released because Rockstar released their first GTA 6 trailer at the end of 2023 so it gives the hint even the game also will be released to the market at the end of 2025.

If Rockstar releases GTA 6 at the end of 2025 then we must wait approximately 2 years to play this masterpiece. However many GTA lovers or GTA fans say it is worth waiting.

Finally, the GTA 6 Trailer looks amazing, lovely & refreshing. While watching the GTA 6 trailer every scene brings our excitement to an extreme level. Many GTA fans are going crazy after watching the trailer.

If you watch the below trailer you don’t feel like the trailer is all about the Game, it looks as if we are watching something like a Hollywood movie trailer. Through this trailer, we can just understand the makers are promising us that we are going to feel & enjoy the GTA VI naturally & realistically.

Watch the GTA 6 Trailer below:

Currently, the 1 minute 30 seconds duration clip is not the end of the GTA 6 Trailer, it is just GTA 6 Trailer 1 and there are still more trailers yet to be coming soon by Rockstar Games.

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