When does GTA 6 come out?

A lot of GTA fans are more excited to know when does GTA 6 come out to market. And also many players who play GTA 5 regularly are just started to expect something new in GTA 6 and also their expectation towards the GTA 6 is becoming higher and higher every single day.

If you are a Gamer then definitely there is no need for an introduction to GTA as we all know how popular in the world the game called Grand Theft Auto also known as GTA. Since 1997 the Rockstar Games company has never stopped and disappointed their users from their Game innovations & development.

From the first release of Grand Theft Auto to till present they have released the 5 series of GTA and at present, GTA 5 is still been purchased and played by many players. Even though the GTA 5 is still been released in the year 2013 the GTA fans have never stopped encouraging & playing their game. Because the Rockstar Games are always challenging, addicting & interesting. The way they bring the story for their games is really more impressive which is really appreciable.

Eventually, in 2018 the Rockstar Games just released the second series of Red Dead Redemption as Red Dead Redemption 2. Even though they release their other product’s second series the fans still were preferring & expecting the GTA next series. This shows how fans are crazy about their main product GTA.

However, from 2013 to till present 2022, there is no official announcement from Rockstar Games about the release of GTA 6. But some few days ago there was some official information revealed on Twitter by one of the people named Chris Klippel who is the founder of the Rockstar Mag website that gives information and updates only about GTA.

Chris Klippel made an announcement on Twitter about the next series of GTA where he just said that the Rockstar Games have started developing their GTA 6. However, the Rockstar Company has finished its internal development of the game. And also on February 4, 2022, the Rockstar Games officially made some confirmation announcements on Twitter as – “Their active development for the next entry in the series is underway”.

On Twitter, the Rockstar Games just mentioned their development of the next series is in progress but they nowhere mentioned that their next series is GTA or GTA 6. Here give’s the biggest confusion to a lot of GTA fans because apart from GTA the Rockstar Games company also have many other games such as Red Dead Redemption & Max Payne, etc. even their other games also have come up with the series so their next series might also be for any other games.

After this Rockstar Games announcement finally, the announcement mentioned by Chris Klippel has given some confirmation to many people, yes their next series of Development that is underway is GTA 6 which has been confirmed officially. But also Chris Klippel said the Rockstar Games might announce their GTA 6 official updates before the end of 2022 along with the GTA 6 Trailer.

Finally, even after knowing that GTA 6 development is in progress, there might be a lot of fans who are more excited to know when is the release date of GTA 6. So however we can expect the GTA 6 will come out in 2025 where all GTA fans must wait still more than 3 years to experience the all-new advanced GTA 6.

Meanwhile, if you want to still experience the minor gameplay of GTA 6 you can play GTA Online wherein GTA Online we can see the constant updates & upgrades getting released frequently. And also a lot of GTA players are getting switched to GTA Online. But however, if you don’t like playing the game Online or if you notice a poor internet connection while in gameplay you can always be switched to Offline which is a GTA 5 Story Mode.

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