Which is best to play – GTA 5 Story Mode or GTA 5 Online?

Not only a few years ago even now in 2022, we all know how popular the GTA 5 game is, if you are the biggest fan of Rockstar games then definitely you would be knowing how pleasant the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series games are.

Not only the GTA even other Rockstar games are more popular than GTA such as ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ where you can completely enjoy the ancient map and the realistic world of the old days. These innovations of developing games are possible by only one developer or publisher it’s none other than ‘Rockstar Games‘.

Since from Grand Theft Auto Vice City to the present GTA 5, we have continuously seen the biggest improvements done by the creator whereas its graphics, controls, characters, maps, missions, and still, much more have upgraded every time of releasing their series. But however, in their latest and present GTA 5 series, we can see something new even though if a story mode is present which has been the biggest leader in GTA offline and still as technology grows we found a GTA online which has simultaneously been in the same set of series in GTA 5.

Whenever a user comes for purchasing a GTA 5 game and to play there always get confused by a lot of players or beginners between GTA Story Mode and GTA Online as to which one is right to pick.

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss something an interesting topic for GTA fans or beginners of GTA players about which is best to play – GTA 5 Story Mode or GTA 5 Online?

SInce from GTA’s earlier series, we have been noticed there is always one gameplay and huge missions that all included only in story mode. If you are a beginner and if you don’t know what is story mode let me tell you shortly – Story Mode is nothing but an offline where you play the game completely offline without the need for an Internet connection.

However, apart from Story Mode, we have been seen something different in GTA 5 which is nothing but the GTA online and whereas GTA 5 online is nothing but where you play your game completely online. If you ask me the difference between both – story mode & online both have the same gameplay, the same story, same controls, same maps & almost everything is same the only difference is – in story mode you play without the internet which is an offline and whereas in GTA online you need an internet connection.

But suddenly if you think of playing a game Online you might have a lot of questions running on your mind especially when it comes to playing GTA online the questions are endless for players. For a maximum of your questions today you are going to get the answers. Please check out below:

FAQ of GTA 5 Online vs Story Mode:

Does GTA 5 online have more missions than Story Mode?

Yes, compared to GTA Story mode GTA Online has more missions than Story Mode that are more unique & open than offline.

GTA 5 Online is free or paid? Can I play GTA 5 Online without purchasing the game?

No, GTA 5 Online is completely a paid game, whether it is a story mode or online you need to purchase the game to play both.

Can I play GTA Online with my friends?

Yes, you can play GTA online completely with your friends as a different character and all you need is a super-fast internet connection.

Can I play both GTA 5 Story Mode & Online after purchasing the game?

Yes, you can play both versions once if you purchase the game you can find both GTA 5 Story Mode & GTA 5 Online options present in the menu.

Why GTA 5 Online is better than GTA 5 Story Mode?

GTA 5 online has more game bundles available that offer more missions for users to play and the developers are regularly updating & releasing the new features & bundles for GTA online and whereas for Story Mode it has only one game pack or bundles ie., Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

Can I play GTA 5 Online without Internet?

No, you need to have an internet connection to play GTA Online completely.

Does GTA 5 Online save my game progress the same as Story Mode?

Yes, all the missions you complete will get saved automatically or manually online with the connection of your Rockstar Games Social Club account.


On top, you had been read answers to a lot of questions related to GTA Story Mode vs Online. Now let us come to the conclusion after reading the above blog firstly you would have been understood very clearly now what is GTA Online & Story Mode.

And finally when it comes to deciding which is best? It all depends on the user’s point of interest. The players who have been played a GTA past series only story mode then some players choose to pick up again story mode but however, some players will be different they will get bored of playing only story mode and they always want something new. So to experience something new they might choose online.

If you are a beginner who never played GTA I would like to give some suggestions where first you try playing Story Mode and then once you are completed all the missions of Story Mode then try playing GTA online to experience new missions & gameplay.

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