Best Android Games recommended by Google Play Store

When it comes to playing smartphone games Android is the only best platform chosen by millions of players to play mobile games. Unlike IOS, Android has the biggest collection of games category it even includes Best Android Games that keep increasing the number every single day.

More than IOS the game developers are more preferred Android as their primary platform to build their games whereas only this OS has the Best Android Games. Not only are the developers even the Android users are increasing every day, but this also keeps motivating the game developers to build more unique & interesting games every time.

Every day millions of active users play Android Games regularly and also for some of the popular games there is always a big number of the fan base who keeps supporting the game product and also the developer. This is the reason why many game developers love to develop and upload their games only to Android and definitely if that game is good there’s no doubt you will be rewarded as Best Android Games.

Inside the Google Play Store when it comes to installing Android Games you always get stuck in choosing what game to play as there are millions of games available in a single place. Even though it has a huge list of popular games in the store, there are still some of the few games recommended by Google itself as Best Android Games mentioned below.

1. Clash of Clans

Best Android Games Clash of Clans

The clash of clans is one of the best Android games available in the Google Play Store. Even though if it is released very long back still loved by millions of players and is also recommended by Google.

Clash of Clans allows players to create communities called clans and train troops. They can also attack the other strong players to gain resources. The game has four currencies. You can use gold and also elixir to upgrade and build defenses, traps, and buildings that protect your village from attacks by other players. You can also use the dark elixir and also the normal elixir to upgrade your spells and then troops. Gems are the most valuable currency. Attacks are rated using a three-star scale. They can last for a maximum of three minutes.

Two builders are the default, but you can buy gems to add more builders. You can also unlock the OTTO Hut from Builder Base 9 to increase your builder count.

For the defense of their village, there are many buildings that can be used by the player, including (bombs, archers, mortars, traps, teslas, towers, inferno towers, wizard towers, eagle guns, scatter shots). Walls can also be built by players. As the town hall the extreme level of a player rises, it can be upgraded. There’s no doubt this game will always feature in the Best Android Games list.

2. Garena Free Fire

Best Android Games Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire game is also named or called Free Fire mostly this name is seen in the list of Best Android Games in which you can play with up to 50 people, and they will fall from a parachute onto an island to search for weapons or equipment that will kill other players. The players can choose their starting point and take weapons or supplies to prolong their battle lives.

Players will be able to enter a plane that will fly over an island when they join a game. Players can jump wherever they like while the plane is hovering over the island. This allows them to pick a strategic spot to land, away from any enemies. The players will need to search for utility and weapons items after landing. You can find medical equipment, large and medium weapons, as well as grenades, and other useful items all over the island.

The ultimate goal for the players is to survive the island with no more than 50 players online. This requires them to eliminate all other players along the way and ensure that they are the only survivors. As the game progresses, the available safe zone on the map shrinks over time. This forces the survivors to move into smaller areas in order to avoid encounters. Every round is won by the most last remaining player or the team. These features are the main reason to recommend this game as one of the Best Android Games at the top of the list.

Like PUBG MOBILE, even Garena Free Fire has millions of active players and considered itself as Best Android Games who are playing this game regularly and that might be the reason Google recommends this game so strongly.

3. Call of Duty Mobile

Best Android Games Call of Duty Mobile

If you have played PC games then without knowing this game you have never been played. Yes, Call of Duty is the most popular PC game that is even available to Android as Call of Duty Mobile & itself gained popularity in the very beginning as Best Android Games. You can experience the same level of graphics & sound effects even in the mobile version of Call of Duty as same as the PC version. The list of Best Android Games will never continue without mentioning this call of duty game.

There are up to 100 players in the battle royale. The game allows players to choose whether they want to play in an individual, a two-man, or a four-man team. All players have to choose an ability at the start of each game. This could be healing or making a launchpad. Once everyone is ready to go, they will board a plane and fly in a straight line along with the map. This flight path is changed for every game. Each team automatically gets a jump leader. This person decides when and how the team will land. Each player must have a knife with them at all times.

The map is littered with weapons, vehicles, items, and other tools that players can use in order to increase their chances of killing the enemy while also staying alive. As the game progresses, the safe zone on the map shrinks. Players who remain outside this zone are automatically killed. If the last person is left, a team is declared the winner. You can also play limited-time modes such as Battle Royale Blitz and Battle Royale Alcatraz. These are 40-player, squad-based games. Snipers are an exception.

In this match, there are 100 players and only pistols or snipers/marksman guns. 20 V 20 Warfare can also be played with forty players. This mode is team-based and you respawn when you die. All your equipment is kept. The winner of the match is determined by how many kills your team has reached.

If you love playing the super high graphical game on your phone then Call of Duty is the only choice available to your mobile devices and this game works so well with Android which is marked as Best Android Games.

Click here to Download – Call of Duty Mobile

4. Bubble Shooter

Best Android Games Bubble Shooter

If you love playing a simple 2d mobile game then the Bubble Shooter game will never disappoint you, as it has unlimited levels of gameplay with more challenging to shoot the bubbles that you just love to play every time. This game is always considered as Best Android Games.

The objective of the game, which is to create groups of three or fewer like-colored marbles on the playing field, is to clear the playfield. When the balls reach the screen’s bottom, the game is over. You score more points for each ball destroyed. A player is declared the winner if there are no more than two balls left on the field.

There are four difficulty levels: Firstly EasyRide then Novice, Expert, and Master. There are two scoring modes: Classic and Sniper. The Classic Mode encourages slow-paced gameplay without time limits or shots limitations. Sniper Mode’s goal is to clear the playfield with minimum shots.

Bubble Shooter is the only game that has more active installations on the Google Play Store loved by kids to more aged people, Google is happier in recommending this beautiful game as Best Android Games.


Best Android Games PUBG MOBILE

Undoubtedly there is no introduction to this addictive game named PUBG MOBILE. No matter how big this game in the size people just go crazy while playing this game. It has become mandatory for Google to showcase this game in the top trending list if not the biggest fan base forces Google to recommend this game in the top position as Best Android Games. Google has just been shocked seeing the bigger fan base having to this game, whereas the growing number of fans for PUBG has never decreased even after it is banned in some countries.

PUBG Mobile is not only available to mobile even it is firstly released to PC version but however, for the mobile version, the number of players is huge and became very popular whereas the people love to play PUBG more on mobile rather PC.

Playerunknown’s Battleground, an action game specifically designed for mobile, is available. Multi-player is free and you can play with fighters from around the globe in the 100 player battlegrounds. There are also many other game modes like 4v4 team deathmatch or payload. PUBG Mobile is the ultimate game for battle-lovers and that’s the reason it is on the list of Best Android Games.

PUBG is a game that stands out for its graphics. Unreal Engine 4 is the engine that runs PUBG. It offers a visual experience comparable to CP or consoles but on the move! It can be downloaded to your Android phone and you will enjoy stunning HD graphics and 3D sound. You can also enjoy a live voice chat to enhance your battle experience. This is a great tool for helping you refine your team strategy as the battle progresses.

The more shocking of this game is there are more players especially the kids who just got addicted to this game and not only the kids even the adults to older many users have made playing PUBG has their daily routine. However, without recommending this game as Best Android Games Google will never step forward.

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