5 benefits of using Google Play Games sign-in

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss something interesting topic about Google Play Games sign-in and its importance and how it helps mobile gamers in 2022, and the most hidden benefits of google play games.

What is Google Play Games?

Google Play Games is a free Android application developed by Google to save the progress of the game and has a lot more features to enjoy by smartphone gamers.

We all know that in today’s smartphone technology, developers are mainly focused on online rather than offline applications, especially gaming applications. The reason why the developers have focused mainly on the online is – there are many reasons which some of which are mentioned in the list below:

  • Internet Technology has rapidly grown faster compared to its previous third & second generations.
  • The developers are trying to bring new features & options to their products, so to make their feature work well they need online permissions or they need to convert their products to work online.
  • The game makers are more focused on bringing more resources, and levels, and expanding their game all within the cloud.
  • Every game creators are more worried about implementing new technology such as communicating with their friends and family inside the game, so all this feature works only online.

Even though there are many reasons for developers to use their product to work with the aid of online while in the user’s point of behavior more than just playing the game they are expecting something unique such as sharing their stats, and achievements, making a voice chat with their friends, playing with the team of friends. To make all this go possible there is only one option and that is to convert their game application online.

However, just converting or bringing the game online is just not enough to make all the features work, to make those features work consistently every user or player needs their individual unique profile by signing up for the game. When it comes to signing up, there are plenty of options such as using social media accounts to link the game or using Google Play Games to sign in.

Unlike linking your social media accounts such as Facebook & Twitter to the game. Many of them just ignore the Google Play Games option which will be present in every game to sign in. If you use Google Play Games there are many benefits especially if you are a full-time smartphone gamer.

5 benefits of using Google Play Games sign-in:

1. Save your Game Progress or data forever

This is one of the best features why Google Play Games is most recommended for many gamers, no matter what game you play on your smartphone Google Play Games has the capacity to store all your game progress.

In the above paragraphs, we have already discussed how the developers are bringing their every game to play only online and also how game makers are bringing a lot more features to expand their game all online. If smartphone games are played only with the aid of an internet connection then definitely there’s a lot of chance you lose your game achievements, scores & records once your internet connection or mobile data drops.

So however to avoid losing your hard-earned scores and completed levels & achievements record of the game the developers bought an amazing feature to log in or sign in to your game by using your social media accounts such as Facebook & Twitter. So once you log in or connect any of the accounts you will never lose your game data which will be saved in your social media accounts safely.

Even though there’s an option of using a social media account the game makers, especially for Android users give the special option to sign in to Google Play Games account which is really the biggest advantage for Android users. Unlike IOS where Google Play Games service is not available for IOS. But whereas Android users can enjoy using Google Play Games sign-in to enjoy its fabulous features.

To use Google Play Games all you have to do is just install the Google Play Games app on your android and then manually create or signup for a new account using your Gmail account to get a new profile and then go to the games which you want to play there you just link the game to Google Play Games account. If not you have created your Google Play Games Profile never before then you can automatically create the profile once you tap sign in inside the game.

2. Create your unique Gamer Profile ID

The biggest benefit of using Google Play games is as a gamer you can create your own custom Gamer ID by creating this gamer profile you can showcase all your game achievements easily across Google Play Games.

Not only you can just showcase your achievements within your Gamer profile you can even make your scores and achievements to be seen by your friends. Google Play Games is not a limited feature platform it has many more unique features that every gamer needs. Once you create your Gamer Profile you will get your own custom ID you can just make friends by easily sharing that ID with anyone.

3. Migrate or Resume your Game on any Android Device

This feature is one of my favorite ones I love Google Play Games, especially for this. As days pass within a shorter period of time we have seen how smartphone manufacturers are bringing new innovations to the phone. So when this innovation comes to life we all crave it so definitely we all love changing or buying a new smartphone when we find something new & innovative at present or future.

So definitely when we are changing our smartphones we will lose many data that includes our installed apps, games, or other files, which we have to reinstall again all the applications in our new smartphone. When it comes to files easily we can migrate them from one device to another device but for applications, we can never do it and we have to install them from scratch.

While we are installing the apps newly we lose the app’s data that were installed previously on the smartphone which sometimes becomes impossible to migrate or we lose it. So to avoid this data loss, especially for game applications Google Play Games helps us at this time.

When you are installing any of your favorite games on your new smartphone device without worrying about playing it from the beginning you can easily resume your gameplay anywhere in the world from where you left off, all you have to do is just sign in to your game using your Google Play Games Profile ID.

4. Record your Gameplay

This feature is definitely loved by Game streamers or professionals. Yes, the one more benefit that you get from Google Play Games is you can easily record your gameplay with just one tap.

No matter what game you play if you love to stream that game or would you like to show or share your game skills on your Youtube Channel or any Facebook Page fans you can easily share your moments by recording your gameplay.

To record your gameplay all you need to do is just sign in to your game or link your game using your Google Play Games Profile ID and then whenever you play the game just tap on it to record it and all the data you record it will be saved safely within your Google Play Games account which you can easily get access anywhere anytime just by opening the app.

5. Built-in Google Games

This is one of the excellent features offered by Google.

To play games on a smartphone all you know is to install the game application on your device and then tap and then play. But if you are using Google Play Games you will get rid of it.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? This might be shocking & surprising to you but however, but this is true where you can play games without installing the game app.

Google has bought something a new & interesting feature inside the Google Play Games application where every user who creates their own unique custom Gamer Profile Id can just play many new & exciting popular games (even though if it is offline) all inside in one app without installing any additionally any game files or app and so far this feature is named by Google has Built-in Google Games.

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