5 Best Games to Play with Friends on Phone

In 2023 there are many games to play with friends on phone but however, picking up an excellent game to play with your friends is quite challenging & interesting.

Unlike solo games in 2023, you can find many interesting and challenging mobile games that are most specifically developed to play only with your friends. To play games with friends all you need is an internet data connection to enjoy & experience good gameplay.

Mostly in today’s internet world you just don’t play games with your friends online and also you can make a voice chat where just to speak with friends & have fun most commonly people play multiplayer online games.

With today’s advanced gaming technology, we just don’t play games with one particular friend we can even play with a group of friends. So that we can enjoy playing games with all our friends at a time.

5 Best Games to Play with Friends on Phone:

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the world’s first best popular games that is mainly built to play with friends.

If you love to play games with your friends on your mobile phone without any lags then PUBG is the first choice.

PUBG is the first mobile game that was perfectly designed to play with friends and also after the release of the game within a few days, it got hit to millions of active players worldwide. As soon as people started to play the game, especially with their friends by voice chat then almost people got addicted to this game.

Unlike other games, even though in 2023 we have many alternatives to PUBG but still people are always giving their first primary priority only to PUBG Mobile.

If you want to play a game with your friends without any lags such as gameplay & voice chat then PUBG Mobile will be the best suitable for you.

Play – PUBG Mobile

2. BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

BGMI is another version of PUBG Mobile and this game is available only for Indians or the country of India.

Initially PUBG Mobile was available worldwide but later the Indian Government banned PUBG Mobile in India for some reasons. And however, due to the high demand for PUBG in India, the makers developed a new game of PUBG Mobile in the name of BGMI as per followed to Indian Government terms & conditions.

The gameplay of BGMI and PUBG Mobile is almost the same but only a few changes are made to BGMI whereas the user interface & design look. If you come to the features, the BGMI has limited features compared to PUBG Mobile.

However, if you are in India and you want to experience the world-popular PUBG Mobile of playing with your friends then BGMI is dedicated for you.

Read this to know the BGMI Hidden Tips & Tricks.

Play – BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

3. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a PUBG Mobile Competitor that offers all the features of PUBG with additional features and a new design.

If you compare Free Fire to PUBG Mobile then Free Fire was the first released to Mobile in the year 2017 and then later in 2018 PUBG Mobile got released.

If you have ever got bored of playing PUBG Mobile or playing with the same maps, design, and sceneries that are getting bored in PUBG then the Free Fire game will give you a new experience.

If you and your friends are completely bored of playing PUBG Mobile and need some new change then you can play Free Fire, the way how you play in PUBG in the same way you can play Free Fire with your friends and along with the voice chat.

Unlike PUBG Mobile Free Fire has a completely different interface, maps, weapons & gameplay that can be experienced by playing with your friends.

Play – Free Fire

4. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile came from the makers of the most popular PC game Call of Duty.

Initially, the Call of Duty game was available only on the PC version but later they released a mobile version too. The mobile version of Call of Duty is completely different from the PC version because the main feature they implemented in the Call of Duty Mobile is where you can play with your friends.

If you have missed the feature of playing Call of Duty on PC with your friends then Call of Duty Mobile will be the best game for you. With Call of Duty Mobile, you can play solo or with your friends. Unlike PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, the Call of Duty Mobile is completely different from the above games.

In Call of Duty, the gameplay will be completely different and not like PUBG, if you had ever played the Call of Duty on PC then definitely even you will enjoy playing the Call of Duty on mobile with your friends.

Play – Call of Duty Mobile

5. New State Mobile

New State Mobile game is from the makers of PUBG Mobile.

Initially, the New State Mobile was PUBG New State and then later it got renamed as New State Mobile.

The New State Mobile has completely new visuals, graphics & gameplay that are quite different from PUBG Mobile. The name New State itself gives you the hint that you will be moving or experiencing completely a New State in the game that nowhere you find on PUBG Mobile.

As a PUBG Mobile player if you want to move yourself and your friends completely to a new map location or state without missing any features & settings of PUBG then the New State Mobile game is for you.

In the New State Mobile, you will find the same settings & features of PUBG Mobile but the only change you notice is the interface of the map & location where you will experience your gameplay completely in the new state.

The New State Mobile game gives you completely a new experience while playing in a new state with your friends.

Play – New State Mobile

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