PUBG Mobile 2.0 New Updates, Features, and Release Date

PUBG Mobile 2.0 is the next big version stepping to PUBG Mobile. Krafton is most excited to announce the sneak peek of Version 2.0. With major updates this time PUBG mobile world will be more anticipated and curious about the update. New features, updates, and a major collaboration with the new franchise make PUBG Mobile Version 2.0 the next level. As usual, Krafton is trying to make the update that should be more friendly to the users without making any errors. This time keeping all that in mind the developers are releasing their new update without any hesitation and with no risk factors involved in it.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Release Date:

Krafton is planning to release the next update of PUBG Mobile at the time of the next new season. By that time new season will be started and PUBG Mobile players will get the new version of the game. Without delay, Krafton is planning to release the next update of PUBG Mobile in May 2022, by the time of the new season like Royale Pass M11. With this major update Ban Pan 2.0 will also be introduced, the updated version of Ban Pan. A more strict banning process for accounts will be done in the next update.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Updates and Features:

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Updates and Features

The all-new official launch of Livik map. There will be no more beta versions of the Livik map. 2×2 sized Livik map will be updated for the full version with new in map upgrades. With dull-looking terrain and textures that were non updated in the Livik map till the time. Players were ignoring to play the Livik Map, but now players will love to battle in the Livik map. Proper enhancement is done for several areas in Livik Map, like Midstein all types of buildings that have apartments, loot houses, complex and more, with this players can make close-range attacks and defeat enemies in patience. Next Blomster has a new golf field that gives players to attack in the open range and make long-range shots.

A new emergency pickup mode will be added to Pubg Mobile 2.0. Through this players have a chance to enter the safe zone with a quick method. Just by the summon of the Emergency Pickup the pickup plan will arrive and get the out-of-zone players to the safe zone. This feature is more useful for the conqueror push players.

With a new anti-cheating measures PUBG Mobile had come up with the newly upgraded Ban Pan 2.0 feature. This is smart, intelligent, faster than before on finding the cheating, who are using hacks this Ban Pan 2.0 will be the best anti-cheating system software for them, and immediately the id or accounts will be banned.

PUBG Mobile Upcoming Collaborathion:

The exclusive collaboration between PUBG Mobile and World Famous K-Pop Female Group BLACKPINK. Also, the official tie-up on EVANGELION is an international animation series. PUBG Mobile’s next Royale Pass will feature these EVANGELION-Themed outfits, skins, and more. Also, more updated features will be adopted in the future PUBG Mobile versions.

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