Contra Returns Game Review & How to play in India

The ‘Contra Returns’ are the most awaited game in 2022, if you were used the old keypad phone which runs the OS of Java & Symbian then definitely you would be knowing how popular was the Contra game.

Contra is the most popular arcade game which was the original series that was first released in the year 1987 by the developer of Konami. At that time the game was so popular that its every level was so interesting to challenge & complete. However, the game was just bought the attention of many players on mobile towards only Contra. The success of Contra slowly made developers create never-ending upgrades for their users.

Those times when you were using the low-end Java OS with a un touch device there were just a few choices to select the games & play on your mobile. But when all the users were started experiencing playing the contra they just became fans of the Contra game instantly because its gameplay was just amazing and also many users were started requesting the developer to release its next versions with lot more fresh levels.

But as technology grows we slowly saw many other games with different categories coming into life for a smartphone. After the touch screen smartphones came into the market many game developers started to optimize their games for touch screen devices and also bought their games with more advanced graphics. So however majority we have seen many old java mobile games getting optimized to the touch screen but in that the popular Contra was missing.

But however, there was still hope maybe soon the developer can release the game to Android or IOS. But the expectation was to break among the Contra lovers. If you were the one who was so anticipated when the game releases to Android or IOS then here is the official Contra game which is back as named ‘Contra Returns’. If you are so excited to know how the Contra Returns game then here is a review below.

Contra Returns Game Review:

Contra Returns was officially launched & released in the year 2021 which was offered by Level Infinite company. The game is simultaneously been released to both Android & IOS users but some countries are restricted in installing this game (installation of the game will be discussed after this review).

The Contra Returns just came to the market nearly after 30 years where there are huge fans of Classic Contra who were eagerly waiting for long years to play this game again, if you were missed playing that Contra then all with the new technology & advanced graphics now the game is back for the touch screens devices as Contra Returns.

The Contra Returns developer’s main aim is to bring the old popular classic Contra game where they want the fans of Contra to experience again in today’s technology the classic contra with the new updated version.

Now let us reveal how the Contra Returns game is – The new Contra Returns game is just as amazing as to how if the old classic Contra comes to the new modern technology. Yes in the new Contra Returns game you will just start enjoying its gameplay at the very beginning itself from its first level only.

For the first time when you start installing the game, you will find something new & advanced when you tap to open it where it will ask you to log in to Facebook or other accounts, and after once you logged in & linked your social media profile to the account then it will ask you select your levels before that it will ask you create a unique profile ID as to how PUBG needs. So once you are all done with these basic settings then you will find many levels as you scroll to the right the levels are just unlimited where you need to unlock every level by playing the previous level successfully.

However for the first time when I noticed there are unlimited levels then I just got more excited and I was hoping definitely every level will make me go mad while playing. After I start playing to the very first level you don’t believe me the developers are just bought the original classic Contra to the new modern digital technology world. I was experiencing as the classic contra am playing with all with the touch response.

My experience with playing Contra Returns was just great as playing Classic Contra.

When you are playing each level inside the game you will experience the terminator 3D characters as so realistic and also the biggest advantage of this new Contra is there are multiplayer options where you can also play a game with your friend which really make more fun and challenging while completing levels with your friend. If not you can also play the game even as a single-player by default.

Finally, overall the game is just beautifully designed and the most interesting part is you will never go out of levels and the game levels never going to come to the end because you are going to play the game online and you can easily get new updates which will be released by the developer every time.

If you really loved the original Classic Contra game and if you were one who waited for a long time to play this game again then you must try this new Contra Returns game which you will love again & experiences your old memories of Classic Contra.

Finally, It seems like Contra Returns are a never-ending game this time.

How to play Contra Returns Game in India?

As I already said in the above paragraphs the game is just restricted to some countries where even India is restricted to play the game or you will be unable to install the game in the play store which says this item is not available for your country.

The reason for the restriction might the global version is just been released to its main countries such as the United States and other countries but specifically for India, the developer is still might be developing the game as BGMI which is officially not yet announced.

But however, if you do not have patience and if you can’t wait till the developer releases the game to India officially you can try its global version by following my installation guide below (Note: this works only for Android):

  • You can download the Contra Returns game by visiting the website ‘APK Mirror’ and just type Contra Returns in the search box.
  • Once if you downloaded the game then just install the APK file by enabling the option of ‘allow install app from unknown sources’ in your phone settings or install directly by following the instructions while installing the game.
  • After you successfully installed game on your phone now just tap the game to open it and install few updates for the first time.
  • In case if you were unable to open the game or if you didn’t find any updates inside the game or if you were unable to load the game successfully, you can make it work by installing VPN on your phone.

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