Android vs IOS which OS is best to play Mobile Games?

Unlike PC games, in 2021 a large number of people are loved to play games only on mobile instead of PC. The reason is very simple the smartphone is not only user-friendly only for making calls and other activities but also for playing games.

Because of the advanced technology, nowadays smartphones are more improved and integrated with high-end processors with pre-built graphics, RAM & the fastest storage that gives the overall unbelievable performance for the smartphone users. And moreover, day today due to the increase of smartphone users the manufacturers are always coming up with new innovations simultaneously for design, quality, hardware & software.

Because of this innovative technology, small to big gaming companies have switched their gaming creation to only smartphones, and also they are giving their first preference only to mobile games rather than PC games. But when it comes to playing smartphone or mobile games there always comes a huge competition between smartphone makers on producing or integrating different operating system platforms. And also this brings a huge confusion on choosing which platform is best.

When it comes to playing mobile games no matter what OS platform you use both give the same equal user interface which is also decided by the game developers. For example – If you play any popular game such as ‘Candy Crush‘ on Android even on IOS you can play the same game with the same graphics same levels, sounds, animations, etc, and absolutely there is no change.

But still then why this huge debate which is best? However, while playing the games on Android or IOS you don’t see any changes inside its game interface but you will find a huge difference in the performances that are mainly powered & designed by an OS (Operating System) developer. So choosing the right OS definitely gives you the best gaming experience if you play games on mobile regularly.

After big research, we have come to the final conclusion for playing mobile games that Android OS is best when compared to other OS such as IOS.

Here are the Top 3 reasons why Android OS is best to play Mobile Games:

1. Package Installer

What is a Package Installer? Unlike other mobile OS whereas IOS doesn’t have this package installer but Android has this feature called ‘Android Package Installer’. This is one of the amazing features given by the Android operating system by its developer whereas you can install any Android Application File easily such as Apps or Games all in one click by the extension of APK or AAB.

Suppose if you want to install any Game Application which is not available in Google Play Store but it is available outside of any other app store websites or by any third-party gaming company or your own developed game which you can easily install this kind of gaming files using Android Package Installer.

If you are using IOS it always allows you to install & play games only within App Store but Android is free to go inside or outside of Google Play Store. Some of the game developers don’t wish to upload their games on Play Store but still, you can easily download those games from their website & you can install it on your device & you can start playing. However, this excellent feature is available only for Android devices.

However, if you use Android OS the Android Package Installer gives you the power to install the additional game application, game files, or game extensions on your device that really makes every gamer play their favorite mobile games, even more, complex & friendly.

2. Powerful Build & Updates

If you compare Android to IOS the Android phone makers build the phone even more powerful than IOS. The IOS platform is used by one company & one developer but whereas the Android OS is the open-source platform that is used by many smartphone companies and developers. One of the biggest smartphone companies that give their phone more powerful & expandable is Samsung.

The IOS always gives you the update very rare and it’s all lies on the same design & features for all the models. But when it is coming to the updates part Android is more regular & unique in releasing their next to next future updates.

The biggest advantage of Android updates is when the Android releases their stock updates your phone manufacturer will have to give you the same update even more amazingly by adding additional features & interfaces by customizing the main update which is also called Custom Android updates. However, these updates are loved by many people which come with even more extra features.

How do these Powerful Builds & Updates for smartphones help in Gaming? Some of the smartphone manufacturers like Samsung not only just give their smartphone only with default settings & default OS features but also specifically come with some of the Gaming features such as Game Booster which helps you to play your games even more smoothly without any lags. And also by Hardware, the smartphones come with a dedicated Processor, CPU, RAM & Graphics card that is specially integrated only for Gaming.

This is the main reason why Android build & updates are more powerful than IOS specifically for playing mobile games.

2. Unlimited Game Collections

This sounds more exciting! Yes and you can find that excitement only with Android and not with IOS. If you are using Android then you are ready to take the advantage of installing Unlimed number of Games via Google Play Store. And whereas the IOS App Store has just a limited number of games.

Why Android has more Games compared to IOS? The answer is very simple the gaming companies or game developers always prefer Android as their primary build platform because basically, the Android users are more compared to IOS. This really inspires many developers to develop their games & publish only to Google Play Store & not for the App Store.

If you just open the Google Play Store app really you can see millions of games available ready to install that include Free & Paid both. Even every single day we can find new games getting published to Play Store. Unlike App Store in the Play Store, many popular games are available for free whereas the same games in the App Store are available for Paid.

This is one of the main reasons why many people just prefer Android & not IOS. If you are a gamer who loves to play mobile games every day then choosing Android never makes you disappointed because in all the ways Android wins to satisfy its users especially Game lovers.

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