BGMI best settings & options to become master – (Hidden Tips & Tricks)

If you are a fan of Battlegrounds Mobile India then undoubtedly your main goal or aim is to win the battle or win the chicken dinner. If you’re playing BGMI then obviously you will be aware of its earlier name PUBG which is the global version that was banned in India.

After its global version, PUBG was banned then the developers or publishers have released the new version of the game to India specifically for PUBG fans where in India there are huge players & fans for PUBG named later BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). After its ban, we have been noticed huge players requesting for the game to come back, and also many players were excited once the makers were announced we are releasing the new & upgraded version with an all-new name & additional features.

Finally, after the release of the game, we didn’t find much difference between the global version & the newer version of BGMI. However, both have the same features, maps, graphics & gameplay, the only changes that we noticed are the user interface where we just saw some new UX & UI while in the gameplay showing different resources, notifications, etc which are just a few changes rest all the same.

But whenever we play a PUBG especially serious players always their main goal is to win the chicken dinner solo or with their team or friends. So if you are a beginner or newbie for PUBG or BGMI you would have noticed some things where as soon as you enter into the match you don’t stay or play longer either someone kills you or you die in the danger or blue zone.

So in today’s blog, we are going to discuss something interesting topic, especially for PUBG players & fans whereas a beginner or who struggles to play a game there’s a BGMI best settings & options which you must change this immediately right now to become a master.

Here are the BGMI best settings & options to become master – (Hidden Tips & Tricks):

1. Change your Graphics & Frame Rate

If you have noticed a lot of hangs and frame drops frequently while playing inside the game then graphics & frame rate is the main reason for this.

There are many options in the Graphics settings for the Graphics & Frame Rate which all depend on your device model & specs. If you are using a low-end mobile then you will see only a few options and suppose if you are using a high-end device you will see a lot of options present in settings which will be discussed below.

To change Graphics & Frame Rate settings follow the below guide:

  • Open settings from your game homepage which is found right side bottom with naviagtion arrow mark.
  • Once if you have opened settings right side you will find a plenty of options there you click on graphics.
  • After you have clicked the Graphics now you will find few options present under Graphics & Frame Rate. If you select Graphics under that you will find – Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR, Ultra HD, UHD in that you select HD or Balanced or Smooth if your game hangs or if your phone has low processor. If your phone has high end processor and if you want to experience the rich gameplay then you select the HDR & other options.
  • After you select the graphis now you click on Frame Rate under that you will find Low, Medium, High & Ultra. If you select Low the game FPS will be reduced and you can enjoy smooth gameplay if your game is hanging, suppose if your device has more power then you can select medium or High to enjoy higher FPS (Frame Per Second).

If you are too confused about these settings which are to select then you can enable adjust graphics settings automatically which adjusts according to your device the Graphics & Frame Rate automatically to enable this you can find this option under the graphics settings page on completely bottom.

2. Customize Buttons

Customizing buttons of character & vehicle is one of the most important options where many players will just ignore it or don’t even know that you can customize it.

By customizing the buttons you can easily ride any vehicle easily & also you can easily control your joystick very comfortably all without stretching your fingers more.

To Customize the Buttons just follow the below instructions:

  • Open Customize Buttons option under Settings. You will find Character & Vehicle.
  • First select the Character then click on customize now you drag the joystick where you want on your screen whether on left or right or top or bottom or middle. You can adjust according to your finger size and ease.
  • Then finally select the Vehicle under that you will find 3 different options i.e., Button Controls, Single Joystick & Split Joystick. Now you can select any of the options and customize it as how you want on the screen.

3. Adjust Sensitivity

In this option there is a hidden trick where adjusting these sensitivity settings will easily help you find your enemy on the game. Inside the game if you don’t have the scope or if you have a less x scope then adjusting these settings will easily turn your low-end scope to high-end scope to find your enemies easily.

By default, all the settings under sensitivity will be chosen to 50% or lower so adjusting this number according to your moves will help your camera sensitivity to work instantly while zooming in & zoom out.

To change this sensitivity go to settings and then choose Sensitivity there you will find the option to increase & decrease the camera sensitivity under the screen.

You can also change the settings of the Gyroscope which helps in many cases while using the scope.

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