Top 3 Best Paid Games for PC to buy in 2023

When it comes to playing games on PC there’s always a huge confusion especially while picking up free or paid. When it comes to the free version you lack many more features and also the gaming experience which can always be seen on Paid games. But even though when you are ready to choose the paid versions you end up in bigger confusion about which to choose to play. So to wipe those biggest confusions we are bringing the Best Paid Games for PC on today’s blog.

For many years we have been noticed that there is always a huge demand for PC Games compared to mobile games. The reason is compared to smartphones while playing games on PC you can just enjoy your gameplay more realistic with amazing graphics and sound effects which is usually that can be less enjoyed on smartphones compared to the bigger screens.

While choosing the Paid games for PC there are always bigger collections that are available on the internet or physical store. But in those huge collections which are the best and worth to be paid? So here are our top recommendations that you can blindly go in purchasing the below-mentioned games which are one of the best games that are available for many years and played by millions worldwide. And also these games can be purchased all with lower and higher costs which are mentioned where to buy along with the store details at the end of the game review.

Here are the Top 3 Best Paid Games for PC to buy in 2023:

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Best Paid Games for PC

Grand Theft Auto also known as GTA which is one of the best PC games that are available for many long years and still trending and spotted in the first place as the best and top-rated PC game. The GTA has many editions and after their successful editions finally, they have released the latest version as GTA 5 which is more preferred and most loved by many people and Gamers.

Grand Theft Auto V PC gives players the chance to explore Los Santos or Blaine County, the world that has won numerous awards which can be played in resolutions quality of up to 4k. Players also have the opportunity to play the game at 60 frames each second.

GTA 5 has great control features such as there are over 25 different settings that can be customized for texture great quality, the shaders, and the tessellation. The game also supports extensive customization of keyboard and mouse controls. You can also choose from a population the great density slider that controls the car and also the pedestrian traffic. There is also support for dual and also triple monitors, and 3D compatibility, and then the plug-and-play controller support.

Grand Theft Auto V also includes the game of Grand Theft Auto Online, especially for PC. This allows for support for thirty players as well as two spectators. Grand Theft Auto Online PC game will include all gameplay top upgrades and Rockstar-innovated content since Grand Theft Auto Online launched, including Adversary and Heist modes.

Grand Theft Auto V on PC features the Rockstar great Editor. This powerful suite of tools allows players to quickly and easily record, edit, and share their game footage within Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar Editor’s great Director Mode gives players the option to set up their own scenes, using famous story characters, and pedestrians, and animals. Advanced super camera-top manipulation and editing super effects such as fast and slow motion and a range of great camera filters are available. Players can also add music from GTA V endless radio stations to their scenes or adjust the great intensity of the score. You can upload your completed videos directly from the Rockstar great Editor onto YouTube or the Rockstar Popular Games Social Club, for sharing.

If you are looking to buy a paid version of PC games then Grand Theft Auto V will be the most recommended and the first option that will be suggested by GamesPlayOn. The GTA 5 game is available to all your preferred platforms but specifically for PC, the price will be very less and most affordable that can be easily purchased with the official site of Rockstar or any other stores which are even available in Flipkart.

The Grand Theft Auto V price ranges between – ₹2499 (33$) or even lesser in some stores.

Buy GTA V at Rockstar Games ₹2499 (33$)
Buy GTA V at Epic Games ₹2321 (30$)

2. Half-Life: Alyx

Best Paid Games for PC

If you love playing shooting games on PC then definitely you would have heard the name Half-Life which is one of the best shooting games available for PC that is loved by millions of players which was released in the year 1998. After many successful feedbacks received by players & fans, the developer just started giving life to the game with all newer editions which all became even more successful. Finally, after all its successful episodes 1 & 2, the developer released a huge update that’s called Half-Life Alyx which is released in the year 2020.

In Half-Life Alyx you can just experience virtual reality to another level that you can never be experienced before in its previous updates. Half-Life Alyx the game returns or converts to VR by Valve’s the Half-Life series. It tells the story of a battle that is impossible to win against evil the alien race, which is known as the Combine and is set in the midst of the events from the Half-Life game as well as the Half-Life 2 next series.

If you are playing the role of Alyx Vance, where you’re humanity’s sole hope of survival. The control of the Combine over the planet following which it was wiped out only in the Black Mesa great incident that has only increased as they always encircle the remaining inhabitants of cities. They include the world’s most top or great scientists which including even your father and yourself and finally Dr. Eli-Vance.

As the pioneers of new resistance, you’ve carried on your secretive great scientific work, conducting crucial research and also creating the valuable or great tools for the handful of people or humans who are strong enough to stand up to the great Combine. Every day, you are able to learn more about your amazing adversaries each day and try to find an area of low or weakness.

The set of Source 2 tools to create new levels is included in the game, allowing players to create and share with the community with new environments to experience through Half-Life Alyx’s Steam Workshop. Hammer the Valve level authoring tool, is now updated to include all games virtual reality gaming instruments and elements.

While playing the Half-Life Alyx game in VR you just experience the gaming reality to advanced levels that make you feel you are in the real world playing the game. To get an immersive reality experience on the game we recommend you to wear the VR headsets that provides you with the best real sound effects along with a VR game view.

The Half-Life Alyx price ranges between – ₹1299 (17$) which is available only for VR.

Buy Half-Life Alyx on Steam Powered ₹1299 (17$)
Buy Half-Life Alyx Soundtrack on Steam Powered ₹349 (4$)


Best Paid Games for PC

Our third recommended paid game is none other than PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. If you are a regular player of smartphone games then definitely you would have been addicted to this wonderful game. There’s no way a player can skip their smartphone in installing other games without experiencing PUBG. If you are a big fan of PUBG then you never hesitate to play this addicting game on PC which really makes you so excited about playing & experiencing on the big screen.

The PUBG game BATTLEGROUNDS can be described as a shooter in battle royale which puts 100 players up against one to fight to survive. Find supplies and beat your foes to become the last player remaining. Explore a lot of weapons that are available in-game and be the first to collect the tools that are needed to play a game without losing your life.

Playing PUBG on PC will never make you lack the features that are available on the smartphone. All the features especially playing with your friends together which will never miss even on PC. All you have to do is just follow the same steps that you were following while playing the match on the smartphone which can same steps be followed even while playing on PC. So you never miss any of the features which are almost available to experience on PC.

The PUBG game can be played on PC as same as online that used to play on smartphones. To play PUBG on PC all you need is an Xbox which you can join easily by paying a small amount of membership fee that gives an extra 10 months subscription for free. Using Xbox you can play any of your favorite PC games easily without getting messed up in installations. You can also play the game by using any other game streaming platform.

The PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS game price ranges between – ₹999 (13$)

Note: From Jan 12th, 2022 this game is available absolutely for free of cost. However, if you wish to buy this game earlier then you need to pay the below-mentioned price in the table.

Buy PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS at Steam Powered ₹999 (13$)
Buy PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS at Xbox₹1300 (17$)

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