Top 3 Reasons Why Windows are best to play PC games

In 2021 playing PC games is not as just as easy as playing smartphone games because compared to smartphones the PC needs 100x more power to play the biggest graphical game. You could have heard people saying that Windows is best this blog post gives you detailed information on Why Windows are best to play PC games?

To play the most popular and highest graphics integrated games you must be ready to choose & upgrade to the right PC. When it comes to upgrading a PC especially the OS (Operating System) part plays a major role & also it leads to confusion in choosing the right one. In 2021 in the market there are always 2 Operating Systems that dominate which are Windows & MAC OS.

Both the operating systems are very powerful and it has a good user-friendly interface & features. So there’s no doubt both work well & super fine in all the aspects equally. But when it comes to opening & playing software application games especially if you are using a PC only for playing games and not for any other tasks then definitely you have to think several times about choosing the right OS.

If your main task is about playing games or if you are a gamer who spends long hours playing games on PC then choosing Microsoft Windows OS is the best option that definitely helps your task move on more smooth & energetic that gives an overall good performance.

Unlike MAC OS there are many several reasons & proven results why windows are best to play games whereas some of the important reasons are mentioned & discussed below.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why Windows are best to play PC games:

1. User Friendly & Less Expensive

One of the main reason why people choose Windows are that it is very less expensive and affordable compared to MAC. Yes if you are preferring Windows PC to buy or upgrade then you can easily buy your favorite computer machine all for less cost and with more powerful hardware & amazing features with excellent output performances which can never be expected anywhere else.

If you prefer buying Mac OS definitely it is not only expensive but also you lack some of the features which are better optimized in Windows especially for Games. In Mac you really feel disappointed while you start to play your favorite game but whereas in Windows it really doesn’t happen and you really feel much more satisfied while before and after playing the games.

For Game lovers, gaming accessories are always the bonus motivational point to enjoy completely playing games. These Gaming accessories are well made up & built for only Windows from cheap to premium. Whereas when it comes to Mac you don’t even find any of the Gaming accessories that really fit your needs even though if it has its default accessories which are too bit expensive to afford. In Windows, you can not only buy the gaming accessories in the market but also you can buy products with a lot more customizable options which is really a big bonus point for Windows users.

2. Customizable & Upgradable

This is one of the best options given by Windows to its users since it has been released to the market. Yes, when you have a Computer & if you are running a Windows OS then you don’t have to worry about outdated software or less available hardware features. Because you can easily upgrade your Windows machine whenever you want as easily as possible.

The customizable & Upgradable options really make users more useful especially for gamers because the customizable feature is most loved by the Gamers. When you are a gamer definitely the default or old software & hardware specs are really not enough to use further or later to play the latest released games upgrading it from time to time which is most recommended by the Game developers to balance their gaming performance without getting compromised.

No matter whether it is software or hardware until unless you are a windows user you can just easily upgrade the software OS or hardware parts to the latest one without having to change to the brand new machine. Which are the most wonderful options or features loved by millions of Gamers, this is one of the main reasons why most PC gamers love preferring only Windows. You don’t find this beautiful feature on Mac which is completely avoided by the makers.

3. Optimized Unlimited number of Games

The major advantage for Windows users is especially for gamers to choose the unlimited number of games which are already available to Windows for many years. Unlike Mac, the list of game collections available for Windows is really very huge and is very well optimized for Windows to experience realistic gaming. When it comes to choosing games on the Windows platform you really never get disappointed because the games have available for all the users based on their preference.

You just don’t find only a large collection or an unlimited number of games but also you can see many games that come with both free and paid versions. This is one of the biggest advantages for many gamers to make a choice of their favorite game with more power that especially can be seen in paid versions that include a lot of collections.

When it comes to paid collection really you will never feel bored playing games anymore because compared to free collections the paid list of games is built with more interesting & challenging levels that really make you very much excited to keep playing. However this kind of paid games collection you can never see for MAC until unless it is Windows.

In terms of playing games, choosing the right OS the above top 3 reasons are just like short or quick info to make a difference which is best for playing games whether Windows or MAC. But however, choosing your preferred OS differs from one person’s user behavior to another, some just like blindly the Windows is always best for playing games, but some others make a choice that MAC is always best for me even though if it has less power to output for playing games. Sometimes making the right choice for people who love their specific favorite OS all depends on entirely their personal preference.

Finally, we would like to make a recommendation for people especially those who are beginners to gaming platforms to go with the Windows OS platform which really makes your passion even bigger than you imagine by giving you excellent performance for your every gameplay.

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