5 Best Paid Android Games to play on your smartphone

Are you feeling bored of playing repeated free games, then why don’t try playing paid games that usually offer an excellent game script to enjoy your gaming time more interestingly. More than free games you can always find more challenging levels and more interesting gameplay in the paid version which will be discussed below Best Paid Android Games.

In the Google Play Store, you just don’t find only a free version of games but also you will find the Best Premium Android Games that are available all with less price to higher price. You might be wondering that more game installations could always be found only on the free Android Games but that’s not the point there is a huge number of popular paid games available in the Play Store which has millions of installations even though it is paid.

What makes paid Android Games get more installations? The answer is very simple when you try the free or trial version of the game and if you really loved those games then you never hesitate to buy the full or paid version. This is how many paid games have got huge installations and it means those users have really liked those specific games which they don’t mind whether it is free or paid.

However, when it comes to buying paid Android Games there is always a huge confusion about which game is the best to buy? So in today’s blog, we are going to discuss the 5 Best Paid Android Games to play on your smartphone, and also we will give you a detailed review of each game along with its price & ratings.

Here are the 5 Best Paid Android Games to play on your smartphone:

1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Best Paid Android Games

GTA Vice City is not only popular for playing only on PC or big screens but also nowadays it is has become most popular on smartphones such as Android. When it comes to premium games on top of the Play Store list the GTA Vice City has won first place since it was released.

We all know how popular the GTA Vice City PC game is and also how interesting the game is to be played on the big screen. When it comes to playing games on PC the first game on our mind comes none other than GTA Vice City which is the best game to play. So the same game if we hear that we found on smartphones it makes us even more exciting to be playing and to experience how the gameplay is on the smaller screen.

When it comes to experiencing a GTA Vice City on our smartphone there’s no doubt that you can feel the same graphics, scenes, interactions, game controls that you have been experienced on PC. The only difference you notice while playing this game on the smartphone is the touch sensation that you have never been experienced on a PC before.

While playing this game on the smartphone you never get disappointed or you never miss any game characters or story all will be the same as the original GTA because the game which you are seeing on Google Play Store is published by the same developer Rockstar Games which is the original company of main GTA game. So your confidence & excitement never break while purchasing this game on your smartphone.

The price of the GTA Vice City is ₹121 (1.5$).

Buy GTA Vice City on Google Play Store₹121 (1.5$)
Ratings4.3 (Total Reviews – 173,779)
Total Installations1,000,000+
Current Version1.09
Last Updated On6 February 2019

2. Minecraft

Best Paid Android Games

We don’t need any introduction to this popular game which is called Minecraft. All we know is one of the best Arcade games so far available on smartphones to play. Not one or two there are millions of players worldwide who love playing Minecraft every day.

On Google Play Store Minecraft is the only paid game that has millions of installations. In-Play Store when you view the list of premium games, you can find only Minecraft has the highest price which is nothing but this is the only highest-paid game that is available so far with the high number of game installs. Even this amazing game has good ratings and positive feedback given by many users. This positive feedbacks are more enough to increase its popularity even more on Play Store.

When you are playing Minecraft games usually you will never get bored of it because the developer has developed the game in such a way there’s no player can get bored or feel irritated to play this game for a long time. The biggest advantage of playing this game is nothing but once if you get addicted to its game concept you will never come out of it and that’s how the developer has made it.

While playing Minecraft you will never feel lonely because you have a great feature of multiplayer where you can easily collaborate your gameplay with your friends and family. With up to 10 friends you can easily play a game anywhere and anytime without any interruptions.

The price of the Minecraft is ₹650 (8.5$).

Buy Minecraft on Google Play Store₹650 (8.5$)
Ratings4.7 (Total Reviews – 4,387,373)
Total Installations10,000,000+
Current Version1.18.2.03
Last Updated On9 December 2021

3. Need for Speed™ Most Wanted

Best Paid Android Games

If you love racing with excellent graphics on your game then Need for Speed is one of the best and popular games that you can find on the Google Play Store. This game doesn’t need any introduction because without hearing this game you would have never played games on PC & smartphone. On the Racing category, section this is one of the top trending games that is mostly recommended by the Play Store.

In the name of Need for Speed, there are many games available in the Play Store even the original developer of Need for Speed the ELECTRONIC ARTS has also released many amazing free games with almost the same name. But however, the Need for Speed Most Wanted is switched to premium it means this game really comes with many more unexpected features with excellent graphics better than the free version.

When you play the other free version of the Need for Speed game you almost get wondered by seeing its amazing graphics performance which is merely its touching to the PCs performance.

No matter whether you play this racing game on PC or smartphone you will never find any difference because almost in both smaller and bigger screens both have the same amazing graphics performance that definitely never makes you feel that you are playing something different. To experience smooth gameplay on a smartphone all you need is the good latest Android OS with the fastest processor which gives you the best output without any break while racing.

The price of the Need for Speed Most Wanted is ₹449 (5.9$).

Buy Need for Speed™ Most Wanted on Google Play Store₹449 (5.9$)
Ratings4.0 (Total Reviews – 219,797)
Total Installations1,000,000+
Current Version1.3.128
Last Updated On20 December 2018

4. Monument Valley 2

Best Paid Android Games

Even though if you find many advanced graphical games collections on Play Store still there is a huge demand for puzzle categorized games. If you love puzzle-related games and if you are looking for something new and unique then undoubtedly Monument Valley is one of the best puzzle games that you can find on the play store.

There are many puzzle games available for free but however, those games have the same story or chapters which you easily feel bored or never find anything more challenging to move on. If you have faced these issues now or before while playing any free puzzle games. Then we recommend you try this Monument Valley game. This is a premium game but all we can say is that it is worth buying.

Monument Valley 2 is the success of its previous game Monument Valley whereas the first part of Monument Valley has given an outstanding level and gameplay that anyone can easily get addicted to its challenging levels available inside the game. The most interesting part of this game is you never feel bored complete its levels. Because each and every individually crafted puzzle makes you feel mind-blowing that really gives you more excitement while you playing live.

Before purchasing the Monument Valley 2 you can also give it a try on its previous build which is also a paid Android Game but tagged with less price ₹260 (3.4$). After purchasing its previous part of the game definitely, the excitement makes you experience even deeper by looking into chapter 2.

The price of the Monument Valley 2 is ₹400 (5.2$).

Buy Monument Valley 2 on Google Play Store₹400 (5.2$)
Ratings4.9 (Total Reviews – 63,150)
Total Installations1,000,000+
Current Version2.0.6
Last Updated On19 November 2021

5. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Best Paid Android Games

Do you play PC games regularly? Then definitely you would be knowing about this amazing shooter game. Modern Combat is one of the best shooting games that are available for both PC and mobile platforms.

This is not the new or fresh released game that is available on the Play Store since before this game is released there were 3 parts that were released as paid in the name of Modern Combat and after all, its successful episodes now finally the developer has released a 4th episode game named Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Compared to its previous Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation paid game the present game price is a bit higher which is surely worth paying if you have loved its previous parts.

The biggest advantage of this new Modern Combat is you can experience the action FPS that really gives you a clear shot on focusing on your gameplay. The quality of the graphics that come with this game just makes you feel more enjoyable because this time the developer has released amazing quality console graphics that is most enjoyed in every game mode with all perfect controls.

To enjoy this beautiful game on your smartphone it is mostly recommended to play a game with all-new processors and hardware that is integrated with your smartphone. If your smartphone has good & powerful specifications then you can enjoy this game without any disappointments. To play this game without any lags all you need is a powerful smartphone.

The price of the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is ₹599 (7.8$).

Buy Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour on Google Play Store₹599 (7.8$)
Ratings4.3 (Total Reviews – 239,786)
Total Installations1,000,000+
Current Version1.2.3e
Last Updated On17 September 2018

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